My name is Chris Wiehle – My family and I reside in the rural countryside of Northern Illinois.  We are fortunate to live here in small town America within the farming community and their grassroots ways of life.

I have a passion for handmade items, custom knives in particular.  I embarked in knife making around 2006.  Since that time I have slowly acquired the knowledge, skills, and proper equipment to perform the entire craft solely by myself.  All blades are designed and hand crafted entirely by me.  Heat treatments and hardness checks are all performed in house , handle materials are all hand selected, and all sheaths are custom fit and hand sewn.  This is all backed up by a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

About my knives

I try to have a few knives for sale on here at all times.  I also sell on Bladeforums.com, it is the largest knife forum on the planet.  I highly recommend registering if collecting and using knives interest you.  The forums contain a wealth of knowledge, which is a necessary asset in today’s marketplace that is flooded with cheap imports, fraudulent knockoffs, and crappy steel.

I do not earn my living making knives.  Which means I will not beg, borrow, or steal to sell one.   I enjoy knives so I make them , if someone wants to buy one, all the better.  I behold the knife making community and it’s predecessors with utmost respect.  For that reason I will not put my mark on a knife unless it is entirely made by me, nor will I misrepresent someone else’s work.  If I don’t know a knifes origins I will fully disclose that to you.

The mission of this company is to promote and endorse not only my knives but the entire American knife and steel industries.  Whenever possible I try to buy steel manufactured in the USA.  Daily shipments of unproven steel from China, India, and other third world countries arrive on our shores each day.  With the exception of a few offshore brands, these foreign steels continue to prove themselves as sub-par, but consumers continue to buy.  The final cost paid in full to the American steel worker.

If I am lucky enough to have you leave my store with one of my knives, please know, it is what I claim it is.  If you can prove otherwise, I will buy it back in full at any time!

About the Cardinal mark

My Grandmother loved her apple trees, and loved Cardinals.  Her house was littered with figurines, and portrayals of the small red birds.  To this day I do not see a cardinal without thinking of her.  Combine this with the facts that our town is the “Stillman Valley Cardinals”, and that it is also our state bird, it was a fairly uncomplicated decision.

You will find my mark Logo or cardinalmarkcarrying the cardinal head on all the custom knives I make.

About my town

My town, “Stillman Valley”, holds rich history  with the Sauk indians led by Chief Blackhawk.  I will write a little bit about it when I get the time.  For now, if you’re curious, click the links or Google “Battle of Stillman’s Run”  for some interesting reading.


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