Knife Making Is An Illness – Literally

It’s been a while since I got in touch with my huge fan base so I figured I should shoot out a quick update.  In my last post I talked about a bad reaction I had to bird dust or carbon monoxide fumes while forging in my chicken coupe that left me sick for weeks.  Just recently I was hit with another episode lasting about 6 days after inhaling a collection of steel, wood, and synthetic dust from my vacuum collector bag .  The wife said I had the flu, but I know better, so I hit WebMD and down the rabbit hole I went.

Search Query: Can allergic reaction cause flu like symptoms?  Answer: Allergic alveolitis (allergic inflammation of the alveoli producing flu-like symptoms).  Both correct, damn.

All kidding aside, I don’t know what I had, but I do know the reactions are escalating, and it takes less and less exposure the older I get.  So, consider this a warning to any of you that have sinus issues.  There are these things called sensitizers found in wood, chemicals and other materials that classify like this – a substance with the potential to act, through whatever mechanism, to create a situation of airway hypersensitivity where none previously existed.  To compound on this, as the allergy develops, the response becomes more severe with subsequent exposures.

Even if you do not have a reaction to something the first few times you use it, it’s still vital that you take precautions and avoid as much exposure as possible.   I prefer to not be breathing from an air tank in 10 years so I will be investing in one of these bad boys maskcapture.  Take it from these Dead Romans , if it’s foreign to your body, then most likely your body will not know how to deal with it.




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