Why everyone needs fixed blade..

I wouldn’t say I dislike folding knives, I just don’t love them as I do my fixed blades, and as much as I prefer a nice fixed blade, I still choose to carry a folder as my EDC (everyday carry) knife. They’re more compact and usually suit my daily cutting requirements.  This makes for quite the paradox, that I don’t love to carry what I love to make.  There are days however I would not be caught dead without a trusty fixed blade on my side; a few examples -hunting, camping, hiking, or work around the farm.  There’s certain tasks simply better fitted to fixed blade knives; dressing game, hard cutting, bushcraft and so on.  Fixed blades are stronger, more reliable, quicker retrieval for defensive needs or repeat tasks, and better looking 😉

I realize I am insulting a very large crowd so let me be the first to say how much I appreciate my folding pocket knife.  It serves its purpose quite well, hidden away at the ready for my daily needs of opening boxes and such. Would I choose to carry it hunting? Absolutely not, the potential for bad things to happen is much greater than with a fixed blade.  There are small parts that can break, freeze, or get jammed.  The hinge area creates a weak spot susceptible to bending or breaking.  Especially during survival mode when knives are introduced to circumstances they normally wouldn’t.  Save for last- fumbling around for it in my pocket with gloved hands presents it’s own level of difficulty.  I think of my folding knife comparable to my local Starbucks worker.  I appreciate them both very much.  Both of them perform good light duty work,  both are probably best left to a clean indoor environment, and I’m pretty sure neither of them are good at chopping wood.

My point is this, everyone should have a good fixed blade knife whether you choose to carry it everyday or not. One day your life may depend on the knife you carry.  Choose wisely and live to talk about it!



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I make handmade custom knives, I appreciate antiques, handmade items, Americana.. anything pre-China that someone poured their time into making. I enjoy writing even though it is not easy for me. View all posts by injected59

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